30 Day Challenge – Day 5 and 6

Tuesday is the new Saturday. When Equanimity comes you obey the laws of thermodynamics. Happy Monday. Let’s try anyway…   Bi-pedalism is my savior. When in doubt, I walk.   It was 10:23 Am in the dawn. I navigated my transportation pod off the main road into Pharal Park. It had become unnecessary to add “transportation”as IContinue reading “30 Day Challenge – Day 5 and 6”

S.A.Me – a short story by P.M. Shadow

( 41 minute read )   Everyday I follow. It’s the same continuous pattern.   They say nothing is real unless it is written. This world is theater, and I perform in it as an actor without a script. What am I referencing? Why can’t I produce the correct formula? How do I plan the hours beforeContinue reading “S.A.Me – a short story by P.M. Shadow”