Tori Evaluation Toke

My sweet Mrs. Amos. I need answers for Sunday. I FIND out you are playing my new city 30 minutes before work when I have no date? How could you? And you played San Antonio of all places prior???? Like the first or second date??? Are you fucking serious? I waited two years to seeContinue reading “Tori Evaluation Toke”

Start With “Why”

This is what I always ask myself With this blog it is simple. It is about Music. I might not even save this to google documents. I could just leave this as the virtual place I brainstorm Each workday for the past two weeks I have gone to a local park where Rhododendron grow. ItContinue reading “Start With “Why””

Top 140 Countdown 2021

This is at least two months behind, but I just want to hold myself accountable by using this resource that renewed in late December 2021 before I could cancel it. I have it for another year so why not? For Context: I have been listening to music for what I consider “professional” benefits for theContinue reading “Top 140 Countdown 2021”

The Degenerates Creed

  The Degenerates Creed    Forgive me Universe, for I have distrusted you in thought, word, and deed. I am a slave to suffering, and I deserve your temporal just and eternal punishment.    I ask for more fire to fuel the flames when I should request water to extinguish languishing faults. However rotten, know that I amContinue reading “The Degenerates Creed”

Quaint Little Ideas

  “Care about what other people think and you will always be their prisoner” – Lao Tzu.   I am trying to do the impossible. Resurrect a dead man. My emotions are weak, my spirit is low, my soul is fading. This is Modern Suicide for Inferior Genetics.   What is the meaning of life? A struggle toContinue reading “Quaint Little Ideas”

Are humans addicted to food?

1/31/21 – 10:53 a.m. There is a once popular children’s show celebrating its 50th anniversary. It is called “Mister Rogers Neighborhood”. My curiosity for this show is purely academic. What is the subject matter they discuss that is so popular? In what fashion has this shaped the outlook of young toddlers from a subconscious perspectiveContinue reading “Are humans addicted to food?”

The Giver

1/12/21 – 8:06 P.M.     I just want to start expressing my gratitude for what I have learned and what I am learning. I have tried to start this blog for months and I am not giving myself permission to start because I am setting myself up for failure. I have a fragile ego and IContinue reading “The Giver”


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