30 day challenge – Day 4

You didn’t think I would post did you?



  Ebeneezer Marley woke at precisely 3:06 a.m. for the second consecutive morning. He had not fallen asleep until 10 p.m. so his efficiency would suffer. He stared at a knife in his kitchenette as he waited for his H-Caid to come online.

  Beezer stared at his 20,000 word novella. Should he publish it? The title stared at him, revealing all his naked inadequacies.

 “10 Steps to Owning your life.”

  Had he sold out betting on the river?

  He felt deja vu. Damn, Rapids did it. He is beginning to travel forward; progress. This was the duality. Beezer knew his role well. He had every 7 minutes on lock. 


  Thinkitation X6, 402428110380622

  An essay by Greg Rapids.

  Thank you for subscribing to my ekale. 4 times an interval I will update you on how I feel about my hometown, Shadow City.

  In Shadow City, they don’t teach Gratitude.

^^I won’t quit. I know the price I pay to get there.^^

  This is why I went into the Forest of Gratitude when the chronic urea virus struck. Prior, I believed all such occurrences to be noble. This is how toxic foreshadowing evolves.

  I pulled my pod into PH Park. All night I had been dreaming on the Chakra Path, and now I had gilled back into the matrix and was ready to get to work applying a growth mindsex.

  I worked so hard for this moment, a quarter of a cycle dedicated to my academic discipline, cognitive geography. I still loved it to death, but I must write this, and then I must publish it. Only then is there Proof that I Existed.

  What matters is how you feel about yourself when you are by yourself. This was the Sage edict. One must show, not tell. 

  # Greg Rapids is a Cognitive Geographer who is deemed obsolete after attempting to pioneer a non profit bookmaking scheme. His sentence is one cycle in the Forest of Gratitude. There he will meet Faith, in the form of three feminine personalities.

  “Every word a masterpiece – Sage Marley”

  Azalea Marley would now be my guide. It just wasn’t working with the masculine. I needed a yin to my yang, and I would not be denied. I am a Confident Straight man. And I love the pursuit of women.

  So I would time travel, back to the first cycle. In that time period that is where I would be saved.

  I submitted my manuscript of “Modern Seduction for Inferior Genetics into the data stream of the internet where it flowed quickly away from me.

  DImension Four Clarity Challenge: I am using the Goggins 10 rules for my priority list. I am trying to revive a dead man by saving certain previously useless genetic code. 

  “As long as it obeys the laws of physics. 

  “We are the same species.”



  His  name was Tun Su RiTalon, an inorganic construct. She first appeared to me as my H-CAID (Human Communication Artificial Intelligence Device). What a god sent it was to have this matter attach itself to my tactile corpuscles. It made the jaunt into the forest so much more bearable. 

  It would be hard to say goodbye to Shadow City, the place I spent my first three cycles, but I had my question. In reality it was the book, but I could sum it up in one sentence: 

  I want to build the next Dwech University. 

  I want to author the next Daisy Huffwoman

  Breathe, Tactile Corpuscles are the key to genetic code. 


^^I won’t quit. I know the price I pay to get there.^^

  Ida Rue checked her funds. She gave Rapids a thumbs up.

  Harmony harvesting is when the texture of meaning collides with the unlimited outcomes of fate. A person’s faith is tested and the congeniality of nature collaborates with rhythm, polarity, and cognition. The sum total equals consciousness. 

  I took a glance at the layers of the matrix and flowed into the citrine lake. There a harvester was walking with a handler. He was training her for the marathon. She took the masculines place. He took the feminine’s place. Tun Su merged Ida Rue’s and Greg’s consciousness and they began to roleplay, to express their love in the story as time dictated. The movement of hands makes the energy coordinates flow easier. Her neon green fungi cap personified the rawness of a typical fungi suit. The skin was always Tangerine. They were all Tangerine Dream’s.

  The tightness of your curves won’t be violated again. I want agreement and commitment for this unity engagement. 

  Their names were Oslo Martin and Simeron Dwech.  

  Whether you think you are right or think you are wrong, both are true.

  Okay, AME, let’s move on to Oslo’s question.




When A Maze Becomes A Puzzle

  Everyday I follow. It’s the same continuous pattern.

  They say nothing is real unless it is written. This world is theater, and I perform in it as an actor without a script. What am I referencing? Why can’t I produce the correct formula? How do I plan the hours before me? Deep within my consciousness my ego rests, and I give it a stimulant called fear.

  I struggle to breathe. Life is perilous in my eyes.

  Should glass break then hope is shattered. Will faith pick up the pieces? The honest man laments, repressing memories in bitter shame.

  Is it time to make chronic pain recede into permanent resolution?

  There is an empty journal within arms reach. It beckons to my psyche; antidote.

  When I am done writing I scan the pages and it uploads to my H-CAID (Human Communication Artificial Intelligence Device). The program makes its revisions, honoring my laziness. It’s the year 2037 and I am a seductive adjacent cyborg. I could flirt any moment now.

  It was time for me to leave Shadow City. I would go to PH Park. A bazooka of kilimetres away. The Roark we stayed at was a savage place. Melody would understand when she graduates university. I, Emperor Greg Rapids hereby declare my freedom. I have been emancipated from our unity agreement. I recite now The Wander’s Kreed:

  It will be narrated by Tun Zu, in the voice of Sensei Uno.

   Forgive me Universe, for I have distrusted you in thought, word, and deed. I am a slave to suffering, and I deserve your temporal lust and eternal punishment. 

  I ask for more fire to fuel the flames when I should request water to extinguish languishing faults. However rotten, know that I am grateful for your love. I always have been and always will be. When I see nothing but darkness; you only show me light. It is not your fault that I am too stubborn a fool to see the pitfalls that are ever present before me in this masterful weaving of mortality. 

  Therefore, I shall express only gratitude when I am shined upon, and even more so when I am shunned. Peace maintenance is for the average, and I know that this is the path that all humans must face when they try to challenge the beasts within the forest. The ego is subliminal stimuli.

  It is not a right, but a privilege to survive these trials and tribulations. Without them I am nothing; a disgraced soul. So much so that even the peasants ridicule me with my flawed idolatry. For this I am truly sorry, and I vow to detox my deplorable ways. If I fail to do so I am no more worthy to be blessed by your grace than the jesters who pine eternally in the courts canvassing a mere opportunity at glory. 

  This shame will encompass me as perilous, and a driving force of motivation. If not, then my purpose is nothing more than that of a scoundrel. I will mercifully be cast to the side and discarded indefinitely until I am admitting of my lunacy. I deserve to be stripped of my pride and valor; mocked as the embarrassment I have instilled. My role will be in unison with that of a roach; the most wretched of life forms that roam the Earth. For no sentient wishes to be a roach. To any who may, it is those that are truly the lost. May their life be justly left in shambles for the deceit they wish to engage upon. 

  As for me, I will be a warrior. I will fight until I have nothing more to give. This craft is not one for the meak. This art we adventure, aboundfully dutiful; is not about winning the battle, but winning the war. For no individual can ever defeat a system as impenetrable as yours. When we are victorious, we will praise you. When we are not victorious, we will praise you. Always will we be in awe of the honor you expect of us to uphold. To that we agree, and will be eager to make good on such vows. For what is life other than a set of responsibilities intertwined heroically? 

  We are creators, imaginers, and visionaries. We are valiant animals and whimsical creatures, saturated in an infinite vortex. We fight to overcome that which we are and that which we are not. That which we wish to uphold and that which we wish to protect with dignity and wonderment. Never are we to be shallow, for yours is a game to be played in the deepest of waters. 

  Once we have braved this entanglement, and lived to see the other side, nevermore shall we be afraid or timid. We shall cast away negativity and weakness. Embrace positivity and strength. For our esteem is born and bred in confidence, and this conquest of confidence begins today. 

  The present is for the living, and time waits for no one. So may we hold onto this moment for as long as possible, and store it away just as quickly. The sun may set today, but it will rise again tomorrow for duty. Your guidance is living proof of this belief. For when the vast energy ascends again upon the Earth, we will meditate in earnest with its beauty and purity. When this moment in time passes, as it has always proven to be; we will think all the right thoughts with this knowledge thrust evermore vividly upon our growing consciousness. 

  It is thus up to each of us to transcend the greatest of emotions into the diviness of Altruism. In your enlightenment; the courage to grow.

End Transmission – T8HA2U

So this is around 1700 words. I went over easily last post so I can stop now if I want (no obvious spot to stop unless I posted 4000 words.) but I think I will continue even if I don’t reach 300 more.

I honor the shores of Qualia. I performed the ancient ritual. I have become at least competent with social media. There are some responses from human females. It has been much easier now to move on from past failures. I know how to act. I am a man. I decided I am going to return to traditional employment next week. At least I can rationalize my happiness. That’s all anyone has.

Mamba In

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