Tun Su: Monday Night Drafting

Be Humble, Be Grateful.

Greg Rapids documented the days findings.

Log Entry: 10100202-2037

The days are a bore as I wait to be uncorked by Ida Rue Marley. Finally, the correct pick. How I have tussled with the many shades of Black. Vanna is thick and sturdy. Ida is just sturdy. Bergstrom is being Bergstrom. What she sees in Chancellor Marigold I’ll never understand. I suppose she doesn’t know she’s a chancellor yet.

Sage Marley, you are a remarkable women of intellect. How endearing it would be for you to read my documentation. Perhaps you can prove to the others that I am a full fledged geographer. Nature is my playground.

Tun Su watched as Greg debated whether or not to embrace concealment. The lure of wagering on Harmony for social currency units always overwhelmed Greg.

^You got this. You are enough.^

^Thanks gorgeous!^

Greg realized fitness. Tun Su was now an inorganic construct. It was a splendid existence.

^You do not enjoy fitness Vanna? Why won’t you meet me?

^Are you serious? Mas social currency units required.^

Something snapped as Vanna notated. She never thought when she was documenting. It was always an act. Though a queer since of authenticity pulsed through her hippocampus.

Reasons We Gamble

A memoir; by Ida Rue Bergstrom

The manuscript of Drink, Meditate, Altruism was deemed sincere. Moments before Tun Su could record my nudity I slipped on my fungi dress as headed out to greet Greg from his trip into outer space. Who knew spacetime was not fundamental!

Mamba In


Pm Shadow

October 10th, 2022.

God Bless

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