Tori Evaluation Toke

My sweet Mrs. Amos. I need answers for Sunday. I FIND out you are playing my new city 30 minutes before work when I have no date? How could you? And you played San Antonio of all places prior???? Like the first or second date??? Are you fucking serious?

I waited two years to see you live and now I am left in shambles. I was in a state of delirium, of shock, of disheartenment.

My work week has ended and now I listen to Ocean to Ocean. I won’t be going to California. It will be Europe. Double Amsterdam, Paris, Zurich. A man can dream and manifest their fate. I will perform Alchemy; I can teach you how. All my Love.

Ocean to Ocean singles

  1. Speaking With Trees
  2. Spies
  3. Metal Water Wood

In Spring 1997 I created my Top 10 Countdown for the first time. So, this is how I think. Speaking with Trees would be released in October 2021. It was my number one song of 2021.

Spies would be the second single. Released in February 2022. Metal Water Wood would be released in June 2022. Devil’s Bane and Ocean to Ocean are the songs she chose to play live. Addition of Light divided also. 29 years was a tour debut. I guess this was not my time for this. When Myra, when?

I heard Sparks afterward. I won’t give up on my pursuit of loving you Ida. Wherever and Whenever you are, I know our time is close. Meet Me in Seattle.

Cluster – Cluster 71

I updated the Music Tracker

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