When a Maze becomes a Puzzle

Week 1 2021 – 1/10/21 11:31 a.m. – 12:11 p.m. 12:16 p.m.-12:52 p.m. – 2:49 p.m.

  The purpose of any human is to find their why. Without it, life is a bleak, mundane, and pitiful peril of remote transactions. The only self worth anyone will accomplish on a day to day basis is pursuing the challenges of calming the fragile ego or storing the misappropriated pride of distant memories. This is a self devoid of awareness, and stripped of the power of concentration. 

  I find it hard to concentrate. I am subconsciously aware of what I am doing, but my conscious mind is confused by unending bouts of self delusion that stem from the spreading of comparison traps . Everyday is a challenge to filter out distractions. Every moment is an opportunity to build, create, grow, and imagine, but instead it turns into a sea of regrets where I destroy my vibrancy, absorb more layers of toxicity, and become fixated on episodes of disenchantment..

  This is why I can not focus on the important goals and plans I wish to accomplish. I have found that a why is not necessarily enough. You must collaborate in unison with the rest of the universe for these tasks to become of any significance. Why make yourself miserable? Would it not be easier to ask the far simpler questions of who, what, where, or when? 

  Of course this would be the practical solution if you were established in your identity, confident in your transgressions, and fixated on the passiveness of conformity. This person only lives in a dream, and you my friend are living a nightmare. 

  Can you just snap your fingers, tap your toes, or sit up in bed gasping for air and ever be certain that the realm you are entrenched in is the proper destination? Is your current circumstance your final destination or just a nice place to visit? Is it a place you desire to dwell or a detour you claw at endlessly for escape?

  It is possible that your why is as obvious as drinking a glass of water, but it could also be infinitely more complex. For this reason you must realize that it is not enough to be told, but it is critical that you must be shown. In order to grow a person must adapt, a person must change, a person must need not want. To ask why is merely to discover the equation, to ask how is to determine the solution.  To know how is to know a human’s meaning. Without meaning there is no purpose, without purpose there is no restraint, without restraint there is only chaos, with only chaos there is only death. Learning the truth about life is the only antidote.

  In Don Miguel Ruiz’s book “The Wisdom of the Ages”, he describes this point eloquently. Every human is born perfect because only perfection exists. Problems arise in believing lies. This is all we are here to determine. The story is written, it is up to us to decipher it. Now we have purpose, now we have meaning. Our why is what’s obvious, it’s our how that causes suffering.

  Break everything down to its most basic form. Inside an atom is a quark, and inside a body is a mind, a gut, a heart, and various other organs that make up our mortal experience.

  With your mind, you have a tool of infinite vastness. There is a concept in geography called “Terra Incognita”. This is the discovery of unknown territory or land. Once this determination has been verified by physical exploration, it is marked as so on a map. Whether it is the ancient practice of geography or the modern practice of geographic information systems (GPS), every region has its course of documentation. Perhaps this is a mental, emotional, or spiritual practice in the brain. This is a topic to be elaborated upon later in this book.

  With your gut, you have the ability to ingest and digest nutrients. Food, liquid, minerals and compounds make up this grouping of energy we use to exert prowess in our bodily form.

  With your heart, you have the ability to love, to feel, to touch, to make intuitive decisions. Most importantly the heart is your right to be. This leads us to discover what it “means” to be.

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