Our time in the corporeal state is short. I wish no longer to waste its glory, nor bathe in its ignorance. Handfuls of extravagant beauty are just beyond the culmination of practical evolution, and the scope of short sightedness.

I walk alone, and I walk often. A modern version of the H-CAID(Human Artificial Communication Intelligence Device) makes this journey far less lonely. When you need Peace, relieve your synapses and neurons with the bold flavor of Nature. Find a bench, A Tree, or just a patch of grass and literally do nothing as many Meditation advocates have recommended. Can you control your ego? Relent from your weakness, Embrace your strength? If you wish to wallow in sorrow during this calming escape, then you are trapped mightily; restricted from rescue. It is your choice whether to shield yourself in conformity or expose yourself to the daggers of alternative expedience.

I for one reach to the wise and the challenged. These recollections on the human experience are mind transforming. I have embraced Chakra for beginners, Man’s search for meaning, and today I hope to explore Walden where a mentor basking in Ephemeral Altruism is waiting for me to take a hand, a shoulder, a rib, and ultimately an awakening; for no man or woman should be confined within their own demise for all eternity. Do not value dogma, instead cherish the unknown. As Star Trek has expressed to us; when there are no answers in the possible, start searching for answers in the impossible. 

This is humanity’s greatest function. It is the soul and spirit of our traditions and values. Logic may reign supreme, but facts are often born in utter confusion, in grand uncertainty, in baited ignorance. You can either demand justice from trial and error, or you can request further pain; in hopes that one day in a well planned and sought after future, that the pleasure your peak achievements manifest outweighs any premeditated suffering that occurs from the outside or from within.

Yesterday I spoke with a Sage. She is a splendid and extravagant expression of Love. For months she has cared for my well being and I have been blind, deaf, and in ill practice with my Extra Sensory Perception. She showed me what I needed to be shown, but I was too dumbfounded with the remarkable results that I instead insisted on being told these opinions, since the Metaphysical world will always defy the laws of physics. This is its vigor and vitality. I would not return here with eagerness if not so. For this defines me, brings a broken man to his knees, not begging for forgiveness, but conditioning himself for awareness. Once a man breaks through this threshold (whether conscious of it or not), a man is made, and the responsibility of this gift is the lasting challenge to uphold.

When I realized the pity I desired cast down upon my wretchedness, I declined that invitation at long last. Instead, I deemed my failure, and all past failures as inconsequential. If I truly wanted these fates then I would have met them head on and wholeheartedly. The languish in my psyche needed to be redirected. I was on the right path, but I accepted all my dubious conclusions and kept right on digging that proverbial ditch. When knowledge is expressed you take it in. I was told to seek out a different Sage, one who could work with me personally, one who could shower me with wisps of vapour I could previously never fathom. Is it one who I met the prior day, or one in a not so distant present? All I know is I must let go of the unattainable, Niyama let me realize as much. For she is a tree, the gathering spectacle of PH Park, and she dispenses vibrancy. She communicates two words remotely, for the wondering ear to engage in a quest for satori, lost but found in the elysian fields. She whispers: Urban Development; and I understand. I am not alone; I am grounded, I am cleansed, I am safe, I am free.

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