Classic Love Stories About the Human Condition

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30 Day Challenge – Day 5 and 6

Tuesday is the new Saturday. When Equanimity comes you obey the laws of thermodynamics. Happy Monday. Let’s try anyway…   Bi-pedalism is my savior. When in doubt, I walk.   It was 10:23 Am in the dawn. I navigated my transportation pod off the main road into Pharal Park. It had become unnecessary to add “transportation”as I…

30 day challenge – Day 4

You didn’t think I would post did you? 6  Autonomy   Ebeneezer Marley woke at precisely 3:06 a.m. for the second consecutive morning. He had not fallen asleep until 10 p.m. so his efficiency would suffer. He stared at a knife in his kitchenette as he waited for his H-Caid to come online.   Beezer stared at…

30 day challenge; Day 2 and 3

It occurred to me at about 9:45 p.m. last night when I was meditating that I forgot to post here. I know, I know, day 2 and already slacking, but I’ve done streaks and it seemed non sensical to do. No one is reading this anyway. So 4,000 words 4 Melody   She was my university…

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